What is Victoria's Secret?
The question I am most asked, is, what my secret is for looking the way I do. I just had a birthday, and people think I look as if I am in my 30's! I really believe 60% is in my genes. Both of my parents have always looked very good for their age. i don't even have to color my hair. With the mixture of nationalities, I am very lucky to still have jet black hair(every once in a while a grey hair pops up, and I pull it out) I have never smoked, and I don't drink anything except an occassional glass of red wine. I don't ever drink soda and try to drink a lot of water. I don't, and have never done drugs. I love all kinds of food, but, I know what I have to stay away from. Salt really makes me swell up, and get really puffy. I've had a bad back for about 2 years. Until then, I use to love to run. I use to do Half-Time at the Laker games. I've always been very active. You should always take advantage of your good health, because you never know when you might not have it. I walk around a track now, about three miles a day at least 5x's a week. I try not to let things get to me. I don't stress over things. Also, you alwys have to Let Go of all bad feelings in your life. Just give love and be nice to everyone, unconditionally. I try to smile a lot, that helps to keep me young and healthy. Most importantly! I thank God everyday for my Blessings.