Turn Ons: A man who has a great sense of humor!! Laughter is so sexy!! A man who still believes in bringing flowers to the door when he comes to take me out. Wine, Candles (otherwise, wining and dining) Someone who shows me that he appreciates me. Great conversation!

Turn Offs: Hypocrites -people who judge and point fingers at others when they are just as guilty, if not more, than the people they are talking and were lying about. People who think they are spiritual becouse they read all of the books. You have to live a good life-not just talk about it. Most of all!! All of the Greedy, unprofessional, dis-honest people (there are 2) who have illegal websites on me, making money off my name and my pictures without my permission.

Favorite Web Celebs: Danny Ashe- Although I don't
know her, I hear that she is very honest and fair, and didn't use or take advantage of anyone to get where she is today. Cindy Margolis: I do know her. She is very sweet. And down to earth. She's not obsessed with herself, and talks about other things besides websites. Julie Strain: Julie shot my first pics for my website. She's a great photographer, as well as an Icon. She's another one who is always trying to Help people Instead of Hurting them.

Ambition: To meet someone and fall in-love and spend the rest of my life traveling, shopping, and live happily-ever-after...

Favorite food: White Castle hamburgers

Favorite music: Blues, jazz, anything in Italion, French, and Spanish.

Favorite actor: Marlon Brando

Favorite Actress: Vivian Leigh

Favorite T.V. Show: Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sex In The City, Oz(I'm a little sick)

Favorite Movie: "Streetcar Named Desire"

Who Would You Most Like To Meet, Dead Or Alive?
Dead: Elvis (if he really is dead)
Alive: The Pope, James Darren-"Moon Doggie" in the original "Gidget" movie, I love him and have only had one crush in my life-it was him, since I first saw him at age 8. I really want to meet him!
I also want to meet Al Pacino!
Oh yeah, Ken Wahl, when he was thin. And Santa Claus. I really need to tell him I want a new Gucci, Fendi, Christian Dior, and Louis Viuttion handbag for Christmas this year. If anyone runs into him-please pass that message on.