Unlike most of the other women with web-sites on the internet...I have done things a little backwards!! Most girls aspire to be models and actresses, then get married and raise a family. I have done just the opposite... which worked out, because in my 20's, I would never have considered posing nude anywhere, not even Playboy! Which was one of the Best decisions I have ever made!! Although I have lived in L.A. for 21yrs, and feel like a 'native,'. I was born and raised inthe midwest. I grew up in a Catholic home with 5 brothers and sisters. We were very religious(I went to church everyday-not just on Sundays) and were very conservative. I never once saw any one in my family without their clothes on. I went to an all girls school from grades 1-12. The nuns were very strict. They considered chewing gum and wearing pantyhose "public school stuff." They told us to always carry a telephone book with us at all times, in case(God - forbid) we ever sit on a boys lap, because we could get pregnant that way. Needless to say, I was afraid of boys, and never had my first kiss until I was 18! Actually not long after that, I had much more than my first kiss!! I had only planned on being a nun all my life. Then I met a boy across the street. He was the oldest of 9 children, and had just moved back home. To make a long story short -We Had Sex!! Then I decided, the life of celibacy was not for me! We got married a year later. And had a son two years after that. In 1980 we decided to move to L.A. In 1989 we seperated and divorced. We are still very good friends, and my son and I are very close. Since I went straight from my family's home(where I shared a bed with my sister) to sharing a bed with my husband for for 19 years.-it was the first time I was on my own, and FINALLY had my own Bed!!

4 years later, very happy, being single and taking care of myself, and after 20 years with the only one man in my life finding out-that 3 inches is Not as "big as they come." (just kidding) Then at age 44, things took an electrifying start for me when Playboy selected me to be their cover model for the Fabulous At 40 issue-Feb.1995. I was working as a bartender in Studio City, CA and it was a friend who suggested I submit my photos to Playboy. I remember my first shoot. Since I had never posed nude before, I was a little nervous. I was bent over with my bare bottom in the air, as an assistant was lighting me, and clicked this little "thing" and said, "Butt Light," and I thought to myself, "I'm 44 years old, what am I doing." Then, I thought (with a huge smile) I'm 44 years old, and I'm doing Playboy!! After that everything was a piece of cake. Alexis Vogel (my make-up artist) and Arny Freytag (my photographer) took me into meet Marilyn Grabowski (the west coast editor of Playboy) and she said: "Let's put her on the cover! I was honored to find out that I was picked out of 1000 hopefuls for the cover. In addition to appearing in the magazine I was also featured in my own Playboy Home Video, released in March 1995. This led to many live personal appearances, as well as, magazine and television talk show interviews.

I started living the life of a celebrity. I got to travel around signing autographs and meeting all of my fans. I was traveling first class, being driven around in limousines, and staying in Pentouse suites. My favorite talk show appearance was with John Stewart (he was really funny) Phil Donahue seemed kind of nervous, but was very nice. Suzanne Sommers, and Leeza weren't as nice as I thought they would be. There were many others. It was all a wonderful experience. I still do travel alot.

I am now working as an interior designer (which is my first passion) I also work as a flight co-ordinator in private jets for celebrity and billionare clients all over the world. I have shot for "Latin Sensations," and I am featured in their calendars and postcards. "Celebrity Sleuth" put me in their "25 Sexiest Women" issue and I had a four page layout in "Bold" magazine's Dec. 2000 issue, "Ageless Beauty." My website has been up since March 2000, and I have had an overwhelming response and lots of job offers. The majority of my members are younger men who are fascinated and attracted to the mystique of being with a more mature and beautiful woman. I continue shooting with top photographers Ken Marcus, Albert Ortega, Tony Weltzin, Julie Strain, and Zowie Doe. My new website: victoriajacobs.net It has lots of brand new exclusive content, plus I'm doing "live phone chats."I'm very proud of my Hispanic heritage. I'm of Spanish, American Indian, and Italion descent. It's so exciting to see Latin women in the entertainment industry having the success they so richly deserve. I hope my story is an inspiration to anyone who feels that because of their age it is too late to make a change. It's NEVER to late to chase your dreams! My life is fuller and happier than ever!